Attending Physician Statements

The process of obtaining Attending Physician Statements is the most time consuming part of risk selection/claims processing. This process has been complicated over the past couple of years by federal regulations regarding privacy of medical records (HIPAA). Best Reports, Inc. has systems in place to alleviate delays caused by these problems.

Easy to order, reliable requesting and follow-up procedures and accurate, secure submission of completed records helps you place your business in a timely, cost effective manner. We pride ourselves in our service to you as the requestor.

Our systems are flexible, allowing you to dictate the services you need. We can obtain special authorizations direct from your applicant or supply it to you or the agent for completion. We have various methods of payment for the negotiated medical fees, eliminating unnecessary delays in completion.

Easy To Order

Orders, with the signed HIPAA-compliant authorization, can be faxed to our office at (312) 427-0500 (using our order form or yours), or, after registration, you can order online by clicking My Account on this site. An image of the signed authorization can be attached to the order.

You can click here if you would like to use our ordering system in a demo mode.

Reliable Requesting From Medical Facility

We will attempt to verify the existence of the records at the medical facility prior to submitting the request. Medical fees will be negotiated and paid by the most efficient means possible. Our ability to pay these fees by credit card can eliminate delays in processing. Our facilities database captures important contact and ordering requirements including the need for special authorizations from specific facilities. We have negotiated arrangements with copy services and we deal directly with them whenever possible. If allowed, the requests for records are faxed to the facility.

Regular Follow-Up Procedures

After requesting records from the medical facility, we will follow-up routinely to assure timely response. We will contact you directly with any unusual delays. You can follow the progress of your request at any time by viewing our case status notes on our Web site. We can also provide you with faxed status reports on a routine basis.

You can click here if you would like to use our account status screen in a demo mode.

Accurate, Secure Submission Of Completed Records

Completed records are reviewed to assure that the records received are those of your applicant and that any special attention requests have been fulfilled. The record, including your original ordering information, is then scanned into our system allowing you to download from our secure Web site. You designate who is allowed to receive the documents. Alternatively, we can forward the hard copy of the records to the location you require.

Rush Handling Requests

Rush handling requests are expedited by using overnight delivery services to and from the medical facility, when facsimile is not available. Alternatively, we can send one of our affiliates located around the country directly to the medical facility.