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Employment Background Checks

Best Reports, Inc. provides employment background checks to assist you in screening prospective new hires to protect your business. We have the flexibility of combining individual components to suite your specific needs or you can order a packaged report containing the routinely ordered products.

Credit Report

Recommended for prospective employees involved in financial transactions. Also gives prior residential addresses and alias information.

Criminal History Report

Search conducted in county of residence. Multiple counties are searched individually.

Education Verification

Assures the educational background listed on an application is, in fact, correct. Verification of schools attended, dates attended, graduation date and degrees earned.

Employment Verification

Contact made with previous employers to verify dates of employment, applicant's title, salary history, and eligibility for rehire.

Motor Vehicle Report

In addition to providing valuable information about specific driving habits, this report can also serve as an indicator of other potential difficulties, such as drug/alcohol issues.

Employment Comprehensive Report

Combines all five of these services, giving a comprehensive screening of the prospective employee.