Property & Casualty  Inspections

Insurance Premium Audits

Every audit is carefully reviewed by our experienced audit staff for thoroughness in exposure assessment and accuracy in classifications. A description of the insured's operations must sustain the classifications shown. Gross payroll or sales are verified, payroll is separated by classification, overtime and officer limits are considered, and records are examined for sub-contractor and casual labor exposure. We will tailor the audits to meet your specific requirements and provide you with easy-to-read computer-generated audit worksheets. 

Property, Casualty, Liability Inspections

Best Reports offers both personal and commercial reports. In personal lines, we can provide reports covering construction, conditions, approximate replacement costs and actual cash values. Electric and heating reports as well as high-value dwelling evaluations are also available. Our commercial reports cover from a simple exterior inspection of a property to extensive in-depth BOP or SMP details. We can cover day-care centers or other types of liability coverage including OLT and products. All of our reports include recommendations for risk improvement. We follow NFPA standards, and our reports are accepted by all leading insurance companies as well as Lloyd's of London. 

Fidelity Bond Reports

We provide credit and character-reference reports that gives information concerning individuals who in the course of business handle very large sums of money, have access to property keys, or are in positions otherwise sensitive.