Life & Health Inspections

Best Reports, Inc. has over 40 years of experience in the inspection business. We specialize in gathering and confirming the information needed for underwriting. We have the flexibility you need to modify reports to include only the information you need and have the capability to give you this information when you need it. With our computer ordering and transmitting capabilities, you can order and receive the reports how you want them.

Our standard Life and Health Inspections include the following:

Regular Life or Health

Basic information gathered via telephone interview with applicant. Provides a minimum of 1 year residential and employment coverage.

Amplified Life or Health

Applicant interview plus business and personal sources providing minimum of 3 years residential and employment coverage with Worth/Income statement.

Special Life or Health

Applicant interview plus minimum of 4 outside sources, business and personal, covering the greater of 10 years or of life for residential and employment history. This report includes detailed Worth/Income Statement and Credit Report.

Business Beneficiary Reports

Covers ownership, officers, company finances and day to day procedures in detail.

Special Questionnaires

We can also complete special questionnaires such as Hazardous Activities/Aviation, Alcohol/Drug Use, Family Coverage and Specific Medical History Questionnaires.